At a recent IWA show in Highland, Indiana it was announced by Newjack that he has signed a WWE contract. According to Dave Meltzer this was not the case and it is not known whether or not Newjack signed the contract recently or was making up the story. It appeared he was intoxicated during the promo. He mentioned he might not last 2 weeks in WWE.

Of course Young met with WWE officials recently and suggested they bring him in to the company with Carlito Caribbean Cool to work a program against John Cena. Obviously NewJack believes his background would add credibility to the storyline that Cena had been stabbed in a nightclub. If he did sign a contract with WWE and is brought in to the company in that capacity the only person in WWE that probably has any chance of getting his style over is Paul Heyman. But Heyman is not with WWE in a creative capacity any longer so it is likely he would not have any say in how the company produces/promotes Young if he does debut for them. It would easily be the biggest push of Young’s career if he was put in to a feud with John Cena for the U.S. Heavyweight Title. The problem Young would give WWE is his personality

RAW RESULTS (1/16 with a TITLE CHANGE LIKELY TO AIR ON TELEVISION, Winnipeg, Canada) Rob Conway & Sly Grenier beat William Regal & Coach to win the tag titles, Chris Jericho beat Muhammed Hassan to qualify for the Rumble, Chris Benoit beat Edge, Shelton Benjamin beat Maven to retain the IC Title, Kane beat Gene Snitsky in a hardcore match, Christian & Tyson Tomko beat Hurricane & Rosey, Victoria beat Molly Holly and Randy Orton & Shawn Michaels beat Batista & Ric Flair.

Notes: They did a title switch with La Resistance going over for the titles again and using the “screwed” babyface routine where Regal was forced to team with the heel Coach (which does not make much sense since Bischoff is neutral now, but I guess they’ll claim he still has hatred for his injured nephew and anyone who befriended him in the storyline) and Coach never tagged in the match. So it was basically a handicap match with Regal jobbing out to give the belts back to the only other regular team the RAW brand has right now. I assume they’ll use this on television to hype the house show market and claim that title changes do happen at the non televised events. They have been telling house show audiences that all the shows are video taped in case they want to use the footage down the road. Generally speaking it has been a no-no to use hand helf video footage on WWE TV because it is way below the regular WWE production qualities, but at this point in time with zero competition it is strange that WWE has not used more hand held footage to hype the house show market and to do last minute tv angles that wouldn’t leak out in time before the pre-taped tv product leaks out, etc. If they don’t use this footage on tv then they would just re-do it on RAW and likely upset the market where the fake change happened. At this point it is probably best they just use the title switch at the house show to explain the title change and just mention it on tv and show some highlights of the pinfall to back it up.

In the Flair & Batista v. Orton & Michaels match the Canadian crowd turned on HBK and began the “You screwed Bret!” chants at him and this helped Flair turn on the fans and side with HBK and tell them to give it up already. Flair said if they don’t let it go that WWE would just stop returning to Canada. Reports are Flair was legit upset at the fact that the fans were turning on the babyfaces and he tried to turn them on him but it didn’t work. Flair then ripped on Bret Hart and that got him some legit heat from the crowd and probably from Bret Hart as well.

TNA “FINAL RESOLUTION” RESULTS (1/16 Orlando, Florida) Pre-Game: The Naturals beat Sonny Siaki & Johnny B. Badd, Chris Candido beat Cassidy Reily, Ron Killings & Bg James & Konnan beat Chris Daniels & Michael Shane & Kazarian, Elix Skipper beat Sonjay Dutt, Dustin Rhodes beat Kid Kash, Erik Watts beat Raven, Jeff Hardy beat Scott Hall, Chris Harris & James Storm beat Team Canada to win the tag titles, Aj Styles beat Petey Williams & Chris Sabin to win the X Title and Jeff Jarrett beat Monty Brown to retain the World Title.

Notes: I didn’t order the show. Those are the results. I found it quite sleazy on TNA’s behalf to allow Watts to wrestle considering he almost killed himself eight days ago. Reports are most of the matches were good with the Ultimate X being incredible. Jarrett retained of course, because there is no creativity left on RAW or in TNA these days. Guys that need to go over never do and when they do they are quickly buried.

RAW TONIGHT AT 9PM ON UPN. Chris Jericho v. Chris Benoit and Kane v. Gene Snitksy have been announced for the RAW show tonight from Canada.

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